No Stress Wedding Planning!

I remember the euphoric buzz of first being engaged oh so well, it was an amazing little bubble of happiness which was well and truly burst by the sharp reality of planning the actual wedding.

It was just such an overwhelming task, and there was so much to consider. The venue, the dress, the cake, the flowers, the guest list, the food, the drink, the theme……the list goes on, and on! And all that is before you start planning the actual logistics of the day such as transport, accommodation and the dreaded table plan (because Great Aunt Maud and Great Aunt Hilda CANNOT possibly sit together, and of course Phil and Janine split up last week and…… get the idea!)

So…..take a breath. First things first. Here are my top tips for keeping sane throughout the wedding planning process:

What do you both want?

It sounds simple enough but before you involve anyone else (because everyone WILL have an opinion on your big day) sit down together as a couple and talk about what YOU would both like for your wedding day. Get some ideas from the web, one great website which offers both advice and inspiration can be found if you click here. Armed with a notebook, talk about what you envisage for your day, write everything down and discuss. I can’t even tell you how many times I went back to that first list to refocus our vision when overwhelmed with all the choices available!

Budget, Budget, Budget

Before you book anything, know your budget! I was marrying an accountant who produced an extremely romantic(!) spreadsheet, which was broken down into categories (outfits, food & drink, venue hire, ceremony costs etc) to which we allocated an expected cost for each. We also drew up our guest list which is essential to know before you book anything! Now, this isn’t fool proof, and budgets can still spiral if you let them, but it does give a realistic view of what money you have available to spend in each area in relation to the overall cost.

Find a venue

For me, this was the most daunting task. But having sat and talked about what we wanted our options were narrowed considerably. From that point it was all about finding somewhere which ticked the boxes and had availability to suit. Go and see as many venues as you can and see how you feel. Venues I thought I would love, I actually didn’t care for, where as one which was a last-minute contender we both absolutely fell in love with on sight!

The Finer Details

The fun part! From the dress to the flowers to the table centrepieces – my one piece of advice would be to make a to do list, prioritise it and tackle one at a time. One fantastic source available which can inspire, offer helpful advice, and generally act as a ‘one stop’ for everything wedding related can be found if you click here.

Planning a wedding can be daunting, but it can also be incredibly fun. We had the most amazing day – and it was pretty much stress free! With a little bit of forward planning and organisation, you can be in complete control of your special day. Enjoy!

*This post has been written as a collaboration with Advice and opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “No Stress Wedding Planning!

    1. Thanks! We got engaged in the December and we got married the following October, I think the key is knowing what you want and sticking to it! There are so many options out there it’s mind boggling!!! Congrats on your engagement!!


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