Making a House our Home

My ultimate house goal has always been to renovate. The very idea of buying something for the sole purpose of ripping it to pieces and basically starting all over again really appeals to me. I love that we could take a property, run down and in dire need of a little TLC and make it our own. So, when we were recently made aware of a property which is absolutely perfect and may very well be on the market in the near future, we got very, very excited at the prospect of our renovation dream becoming a reality.

We’re waiting for news at the moment, and we’re aware it could be a slow burn, but it feels very much as if we’re on the precipice of selling our almost-perfect-but-not-quite-us, four bed detached house in order to buy something slightly smaller, quite old fashioned and even less ‘us’. But for what it currently lacks in style, it excels in potential. It’s on an amazing plot in a fantastic central village location with plenty of scope for extending – the only limit (aside from planning permissions, building regulations and finance of course!) is our imagination!

I’m the kind of person whose mind runs away with exciting new ideas, much to my husband’s despair! I no sooner look at a house and my mind is crammed full with ambitious improvement ideas, colour schemes and furniture ideas. My Pinterest boards are filled to overflowing in days, and I love to research all the new ideas that I have. This house for example, I can immediately envision a large kitchen/diner/living extension to the rear. It’s a south west facing garden and enjoys the sun for the best part of the day. I imagine beautiful glazed bi-fold doors along the length of the extension which open out into the garden, bringing the outside in whatever the season. A roof lantern within the ceiling would further add to the feeling of space and light, and it would be situated directly above the comfy seating area. I can see it now……reclined on my sofa, cup of tea (or a glass of wine!) in hand after a hard day at work, the kids are in bed and I’m sat relaxing, looking up at the dusky evening sky through the glass. Sheer bliss.

Roof Lantern
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Maximising natural light is really important to us throughout the whole house, and so I’ve been looking into replacement aluminium windows. Lighter and with slimmer frames than uPVC they should really help us to bring in as much light as possible, especially important at the front of the property which is shaded for much of the day. I also really want to give the entire property a whole makeover with a more contemporary look. I have fallen in love with the idea of dark grey slim window frames and a matching front door all set against a crisp white, rendered wall.
At the moment it’s all a pipe dream, there are so many hurdles to jump before it can even become a reality – but for the moment I’m merrily Pinterest-ing (is that even a word!?) and keeping my fingers firmly crossed!

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*This post has been created in collaboration with Three Counties Ltd and Direct Bifold Doors

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