His American Classic by GJ Morgan

Hi! I’m delighted to be hosting the blog tour today for His American Classic by GJ Morgan!

His American Classic is the first of two novels which focus on the lives of Tom, a British man living and working in Los Angeles as a Tour Guide, and Lilly, a Hollywood film actress. Both novels are told from dual perspectives.

The novel is described as a love story and I think I dove into this novel expecting something quite Notting Hill-esque, something fun, light, frothy and predictable – but it really isn’t! It has so much more depth to it and is more than a classic boy meets girl. His American Classic focuses on each character as separate entities, ensuring you know and understand them as individuals within their own worlds.  It is a little bit different and I am intrigued by what happens in the next part, Her American Classic.

When I look back, the action is minimal but it has been very character driven. I’ve really engaged with this approach and I now feel invested in them. The first person narrative is done really well. Tom in particular has developed throughout the novel via his narration. Initially he was almost informative and quite emotionless in his delivery. At first I was a little hesitant and I felt I couldn’t connect with him, I even felt quite distrusting of him. Then all of a sudden I reached a certain point in the story (purposely vague here to avoid any spoilers!), and his manner as a narrator suddenly made perfect sense. From that point on I felt much more comfortable with him, able to relate to him and his struggles.

In contrast, Lilly shares her feelings and she is very open with the reader. I found her immensely likeable, and if there is ever a film made of this book (and the more I read, the more I feel it would suit the big screen!), in my mind Jennifer Lawrence should play her! She is at a crossroads in her life, pulled every which way and not really knowing where it is she wants to be. Her life is mapped out by others and it seems all big decisions are made for her. His American Classic follows her as she tries to come to terms with feeling so enclosed and trapped in this world.

The relationship I was most intrigued with throughout the novel was Lilly and her ex-boyfriend, Max. I felt in a constant sway as to how I felt about him. I say this without reading the follow up, but I would have liked more scenes between him and Lilly, whether in flashback or in the present, as I found him a really multi-layered character and would have liked to get to know more about him through Lilly’s eyes.

The common theme is the idea of being lost. Both characters are at a time in their lives where neither are really sure what they are going to do next. They are two broken individuals and the focus on this novel is very much on how they got that way and how they are dealing with the burden of the past in the present. Throughout there is an underlying sadness and a feeling of despair from both perspectives. You get the sense that both are doing everything they can to keep their heads above water but are being dragged down with the weight of their troubles.

I like that both Tom and Lilly are complex protagonists. Often in the romance genre the characters are picture perfect, but both are portrayed realistically. Neither are perfect and both have their flaws. As a result the story has far more relatable, emotional swing behind it and I found myself intrigued by what is to come.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I found the writing style to be easy to read and the story a joy to follow. I am very much looking forward to reading the follow up, Her American Classic.

His American Classic Cover Beach


Told from dual perspectives that span two books, this emotionally-driven love story from debut author G J Morgan will leave hearts both fixed and broken in equal measure.

We see movie stars every day on our screens, but how close is too close? How far would someone go to get that one experience and what would be the consequences? “Celebrities give us all of themselves, but still we all just want that little bit more than we should,” says G J Morgan on his debut story that focuses in equal parts on a movie star and an everyday man. “No matter all the photos and magazines and movies and videos and Paparazzi shots we see of them, it is never quite close enough.” Endless dreams, a sweeping romance and mounting drama that pushes readers to the edge of their seats – someone get the popcorn.

It begins.

Lilly Goodridge never wanted to be an actress, and fame is an unwanted side effect she’s desperate to escape. So she takes a tiny film role across the pond in a quiet seaside town where nobody can find her. Except for Tom. Down on his luck, Tom has no choice but to take on a job he never wanted: in search of an actress he doesn’t know, but knows he has to catch.

It continues.

Tom watches from afar, seeing Lily laugh, seeing her cry – an unravelling actress, ripe for the taking. All he needs is one photo. So why can’t he do it? Lily’s also at a cross-roads. It’s clear now that no matter how far she runs, she can’t ever escape fame, the paparazzi, even a persuasive Director. Surely it’s just a matter of time before she does something she’ll forever regret. Give them their big headline. Their front page news. Unless someone can convince the actress there’s more to life than running away.

It ends…?

About the author

Author Photo -HisHer American ClassicG J Morgan has been a Chef, a fashion graduate and now works in finance. His unpublished novella “Miss B Tee” has recently been adapted into a short film. His and Her American Classic are his debut novels.

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