August in Review – At Last!

So, I realise that we’re now nearer to October than we are to August – but I do like to do a little monthly wrap up, and sadly I’ve been laid rather low with a nasty chest infection for the last couple of weeks and so I give myself permission to post this one a little late!

August has been a bittersweet month. Blog wise I had the best month I have had so far, but unfortunately towards the end I felt a little lost. I got a little caught up in statistics and what I SHOULD be doing, rather than doing what I wanted to. I therefore took a little step back towards the end of August/beginning of September to enjoy spending some time with my son before he started school.

I cannot believe that I have a school aged child!! We have a house, a mortgage and kids -and yet nothing has made me feel more grown up than ironing a school uniform (a school uniform I myself wore, as my son is going to my old school). Everything feels to have come full circle.

And then of course we have the books! I was lucky enough to read some cracking books during the month of August:

Copper Sky by Milana Marsenich

A feminine twist on the Western genre, Copper Sky focuses on two very different women against the backdrop of the copper mining industry in 1917 Montana. A bit of a slow burn for me, but I was completely invested by the end and it featured some of the most beautiful use of language I’ve read of late.


Summer at Carrick Park by Kirsty Ferry

A lovely novella with so much heart (and cake!). It tells the story of Rosa and her former fling Joel as they’re drawn together once more to save a wedding from catastrophe. Lots of fun and with a fantastic cast of characters!

Carrick Park

VOX by Christina Dalcher

Brilliant dystopian fiction where women are limited to 100 words per day and are effectively controlled in every way by the patriarchy. A real thought provoking novel which left me feeling quite breathless with emotion by its conclusion.

VOX new 14

His American Classic by GJ Morgan

The first of a duo of books (the second being Her American Classic) focusing on Tom, a British man living in LA and Lilly, a Hollywood film actress. Both are reeling from recent events in their own lives, and the novel follows them as they try and make sense of their new normal. Far more than just a classic boy meets girl tale, I’m very much looking forward to reading about what happens next in the follow up!

His American Classic Cover Beach

On a Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond

This was actually a book I read and adored whilst on holiday earlier in the summer. Four friends meet up and witness a terrible accident which causes them all pause for thought and acts as a catalyst for some major life changes. Life and friendship is the theme of this novel, and it’s truly lovely.

That’s it for another month! I enrol for my Masters this week, and I’m very much looking forward to getting started on my course! Expect to see more of my own creative writing popping up on here as I go writing crazy!!!

In the mean time I’ve got some amazing blog tours lined up, and as I’m trying to take it a little easier on the organised tour front for the rest of the year – I’m hoping to get a few books read from my own reading pile! That’s the danger of book blogging – buying more books than I could possibly ever read!!!

Emma x

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