Poetry: You Can Be Anyone / The Wedding Dress

That is right. I flipping went and wrote some poetry!

It was definitely the module on my Creative Writing MA that I was the most nervous for, but, I’ve actually enjoyed it. Just seven weeks ago I had never even attempted to write a poem, so I am so chuffed with myself!

I won’t be besmirching the good name of poets everywhere by classing myself as a poet anytime, well – ever, but I do have a new found respect and enjoyment of the genre. I’ve been introduced to some incredible (actual) poets and I’m definitely going to intersperse novel reading with poetry from now on.

As I am a teensy bit proud of them, I thought I would share!

You Can Be Anyone

You can be anyone you want, I tell you

as you sit playing by my feet.

Twelve and a half teeth and barely there hair,

big blue eyes and an innocent grin.

I have so much to teach you.


You can be anyone you want, I tell you

showing you a globe. I drop it from height

and spiky shards draw blood underfoot.

The world completely shattered,

impossible to fix.


You can be anyone you want, I tell you

as I hand you pen and paper.

Protect your story and your voice

from plagiarists who’ll steal.

Your book is yours, and yours alone.


You can be anyone you want, I tell you.

Your mind is your ultimate weapon.

Arm it with knowledge, load and fire,

then rejoice as the cloud of devastation

lays waste to what once was.


You can be anyone you want, I tell you

as I hand you a knife to conceal.

Stab the stereotype and twist the blade,

then daub your dress in blood

as you dance wildly at the wake.


The Wedding Dress


A twinkling brand glints on my hand as I am put into my dress.

My lungs forced empty as I am laced in tight, my body incarcerated.

Then staggering beneath the crushing weight,

I am moved to face the mirror.

The sea of white, it drowns me.

I am bound, but not lost.


My frilly garter conceals a blade,

I reach, then hack and saw,

I free myself from silky bonds,

tearing at the tulle.

Vicious kicks towards the light,

breaking through the surface.


Cleansed of expectation, I choose to grasp

your hand. We come together naked

sharing in the sun.


6 thoughts on “Poetry: You Can Be Anyone / The Wedding Dress

    1. Thank you! I’ve definitely enjoyed writing them and it’s been nice to strike out of my comfort zone for a change, but I think I’ll just be happy to read the poems of others in the future! X

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    1. Thanks! I am finding it fun, creatively I’m finding that lines I think of for poems are working their way into stories I’m writing, or even inspire them! It definitely has made me look at things differently!

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