Something To Tell You by Lucy Diamond

I only discovered Lucy Diamond last year when I read her novel, ‘On a Beautiful Day’ whilst on holiday. I enjoyed it immensely, and was thrilled to be approved via Netgalley to read her latest novel ‘Something To Tell You‘.

What a whirlwind ‘Something to Tell You‘ is! It’s an incredible writer who can write so efficiently, impart so much information and yet connect the reader to the characters so well. With six women each sharing their perspectives as they deal with the fallout of secrets and lies within their lives, it could become extremely confusing. However, each character is created so wonderfully unique, and their individual storylines so touching, that I was completely engrossed.

It is essentially a book about secrets, and each of the women in the book; Jeanie, Robyn, Alison, Paula, Frankie and Bunny, are either holding a secret themselves, or find their lives torn apart by its discovery. With each of the women connected, either by marriage or blood the storylines intersect and cross one another beautifully and the threads are skillfully held. There is sadness within this novel, but the focus is on the moving on. How to move forward, how to cope. Amongst the sadness, there is joy, there is laughter and there are so many high five moments for these women.

My one little, tiny niggle is the way in which Bunny has been treated in the past and in parts of the novel. As a woman, I just wanted to hug her and celebrate her. I wondered initially if that was because I know the whole story from her perspective, but I know, if I were to read her story in the paper, I would still feel the same way without knowing her. So, I wondered how true to life this element of the novel was. Perhaps I’m just very broadminded and don’t understand how people could possibly so narrow minded about such a thing!

That aside, ‘Something To Tell You’ has been an absolute joy to read. Emotional, funny, and always incredibly warm, it has been the perfect accompaniment to see me through these chilly January evenings. Having now read and loved two of her novels, I am officially adding Lucy Diamond to my list of ‘must read’ authors!


When Frankie stumbles upon an unopened letter from her late mother, she’s delighted to have one last message from her . . . until she reads the contents and discovers the truth about her birth. Brimming with questions, she travels to York to seek further answers from the Mortimer family, but her appearance sends shockwaves through them all.

Meanwhile, Robyn Mortimer has problems of her own. Her husband John has become distant, and a chance remark from a friend leads Robyn to wonder exactly what he’s not been saying. Dare she find out more?

As for Bunny, she fell head over heels in love with Dave Mortimer when she first arrived in town, but now it seems her past is catching up with her. She can’t help wondering if he’ll still feel the same way about her if he discovers who she really is – and what she did.

As secrets tumble out and loyalties are tested, the Mortimers have to face up to some difficult decisions. With love, betrayal and dramatic revelations in the mix, this is one summer they’ll never forget.

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