Fenella’s Fabulous Fountain Fondue by Amanda Paull

Day three of three on the blog tour for me today for The Scott Family Short Stories. My thanks once more to Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to take part.

The final short story, Fenella’s Fabulous Fountain Fondue wonderfully ties up the trio with a lovely little bow. In this story, Laura and Ben – still going strong, despite her family’s inadvertent efforts to scare him off, are preparing for his Mother’s 85th birthday party….and the Scott family are invited along! A posh hotel setting, a room set to rival the glamour of Strictly…what could possibly go wrong!?

Plenty, it seems!

For me, this is the strongest of the three stories and I adored the opening scenes where Laura and her daughter, Debbie are shopping for an outfit, and then later meet her Mam, Maureen who is also shopping for hers. As fun as the scenes of complete mayhem are, I actually think that the author’s real strength lies with the more subtle and observational humour of how families are with one another. I found the one liners and little comments made between family members to be a real highlight throughout all three stories, but most especially this one, where the family feel so much more real in the mind’s eye.

I really hope that Amanda Paull continues and writes more stories about this family, as I would love to know where Laura and Ben go from here. There is so much scope, and their romance is just so lovely.

The full trio, Fenella’s Fabulous Fountain Fondue, A Christmas Day Kerfuffle and Let’s Dance are a fun, light read and the family bring their very own special brand of situational comedy to the table! If you’re looking for a little romance merged seamlessly with family based comedy – then these stories could be exactly what you’re looking for!

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It’s the day of the party. Laura and Ben are in love. But could a posh marshmallow put the kibosh on their relationship?

They’ve survived Scott Family mayhem twice so far, and now Laura and Ben’s relationship is rock solid. They are having a wonderful time at the Grand Hotel, relaxing in the spa and putting the final touches to Ben’s mother’s 85th birthday party preparations. It’s all going to plan.

Fenella loves her party. The two families get along fabulously. It’s a marvellous do. What could possibly go wrong?

Download the third Scott Family Short Story today to discover whether the Scotts have a cheeky little surprise of their own for long-suffering Ben and Laura.

About the Author

Amanda Paull is a writer of humorous romantic fiction. She lives in the North East of England with her husband and works in the public sector. The inspiration for her stories comes from real life, which she tries to show the funnier side of by embellishing to the hilt.

Amanda’s Website: http://www.amandapaull.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Apaullfiction

Facebook: http://facebook.com/Apaullfiction

*I received an arc copy of these short stories via the blog tour organiser. The decision to read was mine, and this review forms my honest opinion.

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