A Pirate’s Song by Justin Davis

A little bit different for me on this blog, but I am delighted to open the blog tour today for A Pirate’s Song by Justin Davis. My thanks to Claire at Blue Falcon Publishing for the review copy.

As it is half term, this is without doubt a very timely blog tour. A Pirate’s Song has just spent the last few days away with us in Jersey, at the insistence of my five year old son. It is a lovely story, which is a pleasure to read as an adult and to listen to as a child! The rich illustrations have been a real highlight and have incited much discussion. It has also been the source of some fabulous imaginative play – my son was pretty thrilled that we spent the morning sheltering from the rain in the Maritime Museum in St. Helier, where he got to pretend to be a pirate through wearing dress up clothes as well as experience the rocky ship’s cabin (which left me feeling rather sea-sick, truth be told).

The story is simple and straightforward, a pirate crew are out doing what pirates do -sailing the seven seas and on the hunt for treasure! To get them through a storm, and through the hard work of digging for treasure, the captain encourages them to sing. It’s a really nice little message about the pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and sailing into calmer seas/finding the treasure (or the real world equivalent!) and also the benefits of working together as a team. The song is a catchy little rhyme (although I’m sure I ‘sing’ it very differently to how it is intended!), I think I would have liked a third round of the song within the story to really solidify the message (or do I just like singing it!?).

As a parent, the questions at the end are a nice touch and are a great starting point to begin discussion. My son also loved the ‘jumbled rope’ quiz to discover which pirate finds the treasure.

I was a little concerned about the font – my son is learning to read and he does like to ‘have a go’ at reading the odd sentence or word here and there, even when I’m reading to him at bedtime. I wondered if it would be too disorienting for him, but he has seemed to cope just fine so far.

A definite hit with my five year old – I think we’ll be reading for many nights to come!!

*I was provided with a review copy, however the choice to read was my own and this review forms my honest opinion.

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