A Cornish Affair by Jo Lambert

I felt a bit sorry for A Cornish Affair, as it had the unenviable task of keeping me company in what was one of the most worrying weeks of my life to date when my husband was taken into hospital. As a result, it did take me a little while to get into – however, I am sure that is much more due to my state of mind than the actual book itself, as once I’d got to about 40% in, (which just happened to coincide with a treatable diagnosis) – I suddenly found that we became the very best of friends and I flew through it.

The story follows the developing relationship between Luke Carrack and Cat Trevelyan, set against the fictional Cornish seaside town of Carrenporth. At first I thought it was just going to be a Pride and Prejudice styled romance, and I will be honest, I was a little disappointed at the prospect, and so I was delighted when it unfurled and became so much more. The story took me to completely unexpected places and I loved that I never really knew where it was going next.

This wide scope really appealed to me, and whilst Cat and Luke are at the centre of the novel and its events, there is a real sense of community and family which comes through strongly. There is a large cast of characters and each contribute wonderfully to the story and the feel of a truly tight-knit community making the day to day feel realistic. I really found myself drawn into life in Carrenporth.

The plot is full of twists and turns, and for a while I was fooled into thinking that this was just a lovely summer romance – then began the twists! From this point on I was hooked and I enjoyed that the secrets that kept on tumbling forth – some major, some smaller, some I guessed and many left me turning pages to find what happened next.

There are also some brilliant characters; Aunt Em in particular was someone who initially jarred with me, but by the end I loved her! I did find Cat to be the most frustrating of women – I liked her, I really did, but I probably spent half of the novel wanted to shake her and the other waving fluffy pom poms and cheering her on! But that I cared enough to have a response to her, shows how invested I became.

Despite our rocky start (and under different circumstances, I don’t think we would have had any issues!) I ended up falling for A Cornish Affair, and whilst it is the first book I have read by Jo Lambert, I do not think it will be the last. If you’re looking for a romance with lashings of intrigue to keep you company this summer – this could well be the book for you!


Even in your hometown, you can feel like an outsider …

In the close-knit community of Carrenporth in Cornwall everyone knows everyone else’s business. Luke Carrack is only too aware of this. He’s been away for two years but nothing has changed – from the town gossips who can’t see past the scandal of his childhood, to the cold way he is treated by some of his so-called family.
The only person who seems to understand is local hotelier’s daughter Cat Trevelyan, although even Luke’s new friendship with her could set tongues wagging.
But Carrenporth is about to experience far bigger scandals than the return of Luke Carrack – and the secrets unearthed in the process will shake the sleepy seaside town to its core …

*I was provided with a copy of A Cornish Affair by the publisher, the decision to read was my own, and this review forms my honest opinion.

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