Slow, Slow Sedrick by Katie Budge

My favourite time of the day is settling down after bath time to read a story for my children before they go to bed. My favourite kind of books to read to them are those that are jolly, fun to read and that contain a message within the text. As a Mum, I probably spend about 98% of my day worrying whether I’m raising my children right. Will my insecurities rub off on them? Am I teaching them how to be good and kind? Am I showing them how to love themselves for who they are?

Slow, Slow Sedrick is a lovely tale about a snail named Sedrick. He lives a lonely and unhappy life as he is so slow. Others in the garden avoid him, and Sedrick wishes he could be fast. A couple of (unsuccessful) hare-brained schemes later, and Sedrick is taught to see the wonder in being just who he is.

It is a relief when I read a book such as Slow, Slow Sedrick to them, where I feel that I have imparted wisdom to them in a medium they can both enjoy and understand! My five year old son found the incident with the skate to be hilarious, whilst my two year old daughter found much to enjoy in the lovely illustrations (and particularly loved the mouse with the flower by her ear, who seemed to amuse her!) The great thing about these kind of books is that we can enjoy them just as they are, but they are also a wonderful platform from which to begin a much broader conversation.

Slow, Slow Sedrick is a little gem of a book, a great story with a strong message of not only self acceptance, but also the acceptance and appreciation of others, something that all children should learn from a young age!


Sedrick the snail was terribly slow, 
as slow as a tortoise moving through snow! 

Poor Sedrick is the slowest creature in the garden. His friends try to help him move faster, but all of their plans go horribly wrong! Sedrick is miserable, until he meets someone who shows him that taking your time can be a good thing. 

There is something for all ages in this light-hearted tale which teaches children that it’s okay to be yourself – in fact, it’s a whole lot of fun!

*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, however the decision to read was my own and the review forms my honest opinion.

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