The Almost Mothers by Laura Besley

I purchased my copy of The Almost Mothers, and this review forms my honest opinion.


A first time mum struggles with her newborn baby. An alien examines the lives of Earth Mothers. A baby sleeps through the night at long last.

Written with raw honesty, Laura Besley’s debut flash collection, The Almost Mothers, exposes what it really means to be a mother.


I love flash fiction. The shorter the better in my opinion. I love to write it, and I love to read it. Have I used the word love enough!?

I was therefore so excited to read this flash collection from Laura Besley, particularly as it covers the subject of motherhood – something which I myself am often inspired to write about, it being a role that I haven’t exactly slid into easily, and very often still struggle with.

It’s short in length, just 59 pages and I managed to gulp it up in one greedy sitting, sat on the kitchen floor (I’ve discovered the kids don’t interrupt me when they know I’m cooking their tea) in the light of the oven as I waited for the potatoes to roast.

And I absolutely adored it. Each piece of flash sparkles in its own unique way, veering from the everyday, to the quirky, to the futuristic, the dystopian and the other-worldly. There is no one size here. I found myself nodding in agreement, gasping in horror and choked up with tears. My personal favourites were, ‘Let Love Lead the Way’, ‘Supermum’, ‘2056: A New Generation’, ‘Breakthrough in Motherhood Programme’, ‘All The Children’, and ‘Near and Far’. In all honesty though, there was not a dud in this pack, I enjoyed every single story. And they cover a wide range of subjects connected to motherhood. It’s a broad and yet encapsulating collection; honest and brilliantly imaginative.

An absolutely incredible collection, and one I’ll keeping close by for inspiration. I don’t do stars, but if I did this would have them all and then some.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of The Almost Mothers, please consider buying direct from the publisher, Dahlia Books by clicking this link: Buy from the publisher!

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