Silent Night by Nell Pattison

I purchased my own copy of Silent Night and this review forms my honest opinion.


What happened while they were sleeping?

A school for the deaf takes an overnight trip to the snowy woods. Five teenagers go to sleep, but only four wake up. Leon is missing, and a teacher’s body is found in the forest…

Sign language interpreter Paige Northwood is brought in to help with interrogations. Everyone at the school has a motive for murder – but they all have an alibi.  

As Paige becomes increasingly involved, she suspects there’s something sinister going on. With the clock ticking to find Leon, only one thing is certain: the killer is among them, and ready to strike again…


Having really enjoyed The Silent House, the first novel in this series of books by Nell Pattison, I bought my copy of Silent Night upon its release and there it sat in my TBR. When I discovered that the third book in the series was out this week, I thought it was time to have a long overdue catch up with Paige Northwood and so I plucked Silent Night from the reading stack!

Firstly, I have to say that I am so glad that I (inadvertently) waited so long to read this, because it was so flipping good that as soon as I finished I raced upstairs to find my sparkly new copy of The Silent Suspects! There was no languishing in the pile for the third in the series!

I really enjoyed The Silent House, but for me Silent Night was on another level. As in – carrying the book around the house just in case I can find 10 minutes to spare, locking myself in the bathroom under false pretenses to make a spare 10 minutes, heading to bed an hour early just to luxuriate in uninterrupted reading time – good.

I adore that the series is set in my local area, and as I said previously, it adds another layer of realism to proceedings for me. However, this time I could feel the characters – who I had really liked in the first of the series – really get under my skin. Paige’s personal story which interlinked so well with the case, gave new depth to her character. And I must admit to being a teensy bit in love with Detective Singh. It’s not very often that fictional characters make me feel a bit giddy – but this one really does!

The storyline is incredibly compelling. Murder, deception, twists and turns – it had everything I was looking for and had me hooked throughout. I just loved Silent Night in every way possible. I can’t possibly write a longer review because, if I’m perfectly honest, as I type on this rainy Saturday afternoon, the kids are occupied with Lego and I’m burning to get back to The Silent Suspects – which I suspect (see what I did there!) my review will be following very soon!

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