The Silent Suspect by Nell Pattison



On a quiet street, one house is burning to the ground…

By the time sign language interpreter Paige Northwood arrives, flames have engulfed her client’s home. Though Lukas is safe, his wife is still inside. But she was dead before the fire started…

Lukas signs to Paige that he knows who killed his wife. But then he goes silent – even when the police charge him with murder.

Is he guilty, or afraid? Only Paige can help him now…


If this were the 90s, and this book was Take That, I’d be screaming and fangirling in its presence. I absolutely love this series of books, and I’m breaking out in a cold sweat just wondering how long I have to wait for the next.

The Silent Suspect comes from a slightly different angle from the first two in the series, which I think was a smart move to freshen up the plot. This time Paige is working as an interpreter for social worker, Sasha Thomas (who we met in Silent Night) and it is her client who is in the frame for the murder of his wife. For the first time, Paige finds herself working somewhat in opposition to the police, sure that their prime suspect is innocent. This offers a new dynamic between Paige and Singh, at a time when their close working relationship is on the cusp of change.

Diving straight into this fresh from the last page of Silent Night, I was immediately engaged and burrowed into the pages more than comfortably. The Silent House was a great start to the series, and a book I really enjoyed, but it really feels like Nell has cracked her character and both Silent Night and The Silent Suspect have been in another league entirely. I feel equally invested in the cases and with Paige’s personal life, wanting to hug her, have a drink with her or sometimes (actually, quite often) shout at her for making some incredibly questionable decisions.

As with the other novels in the series, this is well written, engaging and perfectly paced. I never feel bored while reading, and I find that even when I’m not reading, my mind is mulling over the plot, trying to figure out where it’s going next. I read this book in three days. Three. Three child-filled, work-filled, study-filled days. For me, that’s unheard of. I even woke in the middle of the night and stole an hour. That’s right. I actually willingly exchanged sleep in order to read this book. If that isn’t the highest of accolades, I don’t know what is.

This is an absolutely stonking series of books, and I cannot wait for the next. So here is my plea to Nell. Please, please, please don’t make me wait too long for the next installment!!

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