About Me

A Mum of two young children, a wife……and most importantly, I am ME!

A bookworm from a ridiculously young age (I’m pretty sure I was born glued to a book!) with a burning desire to one day become a published author myself. I’m super excited to be studying for an MA in Creative Writing from September.

Over the years I’ve gained a huge amount of work experience, starting with Admin, somehow moving into HR before floating over to Marketing more recently. I’ve worked in numerous sectors in both my home county of Lincolnshire, and down in London where I resided for five (wonderfully cosmopolitan fun filled) years.

This blog is a bit of a mix. It’s both a personal outlet for me, and also a place where I can blog about and review books in the main, but quite frankly anything else I’d like to talk about!

No rules, it’s just my space to write and be free!

If you would like to get in contact about books (or anything else) you’d like me to review, to chat or just to say ‘hi’, please head over to the Contact page.