Review Policy

Review Requests

As much as I would love to support every author out there, I am restricted with the time I have available. I am happy to consider requests to review, however if I am able to review I am not able to offer any indication of how long it will take for me to read and put a review live on my blog.

I do not require payment for my reviews, but I will expect a copy of the book either a physical copy or an e-book (I read on a Kindle) and would require a compatible file.

What I Don’t Enjoy Reading

I tend to avoid the following genres:



Sci Fi


My Reviews

I want my blog to be a positive place, and so I don’t like to write negative reviews. What I will write is an honest and balanced review. If I DNF (do not finish) a book because it isn’t for me, I simply won’t write a review.

Once a review has been posted on the blog, I will share my review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Social Media

I am active on Twitter and Instagram, and my username for both is @rowsonemma1.

Contact Me

The easiest way to contact me is via the contact page on my blog. Or you can email me direct on